My name is Katherine and I run The Piquey Eater food blog.

The Piquey Eater

A picture with me and the love of my life: Food!

I started this blog as a simple log of sorts to chronicle my thoughts of the food at the different places that I would dine at. Now it’s become a place where I discuss all things food related happening in my life whether it be dining experiences around town or cooking adventures I have at home.

Categorically, I suppose I can be called a “foodie” but I prefer the title of being a food enthusiast. I’m passionate about food, whether it is learning about nutrition, flavour profiles, food styling, food photography, or food history.

I don’t have an underlying theme behind the food that I feature here; no ethnic cuisine focus, no dietary restrictions and no prescribed difficulties behind the recipes.

“For food’s sake, there needn’t be a theme, just great food.”

The Piquey Eater stands to represent great food and to teach people how to

The opinions that I share about restaurants are completely my own and I try to be objective about my opinions, or at least transparent if there is a bias. I venture mainly around the Toronto area, and every now and then I go on a trip and I record that on my blog as well.

From my kitchen, I’m sharing some of the recipes that my family have been using or developing. We’re very food oriented you see, and food is the common factor among us all.

Please do not use any of the content (photos or write-ups) without my written consent as it’s kind of against the law *ahem*. Silver lining to that, it’s pretty easy to get in contact with me to ask to use the stuff you see here. Shoot me a message using my contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

As this food blog continues to grow, I do sincerely hope you join along with me.

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-The Piquey Eater

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