I remember that as a child I would count down the days before major family celebrations, my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year, etc. Of course, I love seeing my family but it was all about the food. The Chong family tends to pull all the stops for food. It’s not because we always use the best ingredients, but we always make the most out of the food, bringing the best flavours out of each ingredient.

I won’t lie, blogging is serious work. If you think about the content that you see on The Piquey Eater, all the components were (and many still are) things that I’m learning about to make sure that you guys get the best content I can provide. Many people have asked me why I put so much effort into this blog and it really boils down to these few points:

  • Learning about food and photography has allowed me to connect to people so much better. Food is a universal language that crosses seamlessly between different cultures and languages.
  • I’ve improved my cooking skills. Little to most people’s knowledge, I’m a novice cook. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I started experimenting more in the kitchen and although I still have much to learn, I can now survive on my cooking.
  • Helping others. There have been countless times that people have come to me about advice either on where to go in Toronto for dinner or what they can do with extra avocados in the house. I love giving useful ideas to people and help make food more approachable.
  • I get to talk with you! Yes you! I didn’t realize how huge of a foodie community there is out there and I love answering questions and connecting with them.

Another important and often overlooked reason of why I continue blog is that I have actually developed a stronger relationship with my family. And when I say family, I’m not just talking about my mom, dad and brother, I’m talking about the whole extended family. They were always proud of my accomplishments as any family would, but since this is my first real venture of my own, they have been very supportive of me.

I am forever grateful to them.

So thank you my lovely Piquey Eater readers for sharing this journey of wonderful tasting things with me. As I learn, grow and experience life, I sincerely hope you join in for the ride.


It’s going to be a good one.


Until we dine again,


-The Piquey Eater