sushi platter

sushi platter

tobiko and sea urchin

tobiko and sea urchin

After trying a number of Bostonian classics with seafood, it was time to put the test to great seafood in the form of great sushi. Of course, this isn’t the traditional way to have seafood in Boston, but you just can’t fool around with the freshness of a great piece of blue fin tuna.

Located in one of the most expensive residential areas of Boston, Back Bay, there is a restaurant called Douzo which is a very popular Boston sushi joint that had the wait time to prove it. Instead of waiting almost 2 hours to get a seat, I went over to their sister restaurant called Basho Japanese Brasserie on Boylston Street.

In all honesty, I didn’t have high hopes for this place since it only rated about 3.5 stars on Yelp. We had on the table several rolls and some of their specialty items such as a tobiko roll and a sea urchin one, both topped with a quail egg yolk.

I was completely blown away with the quality of the sushi that they had. The Blue Fin tuna was out of this world and something that I’m pretty sure will be hard to get in Toronto (my hometown). The rolls each had an excellent flavour profile that had the freshest ingredients.

I was really surprised that this place only had a 3.5 star rating on Yelp but then it occurred to me that it was likely due to their lack of speediness in their service.

This was my most favourite place to eat in Boston by far and I have to definitely come back and try Douzo next.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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