Guys, Copacabana was ridiculously delicious and kept the little carnivore in me happy, but meat sweat was definitely shed that night.

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Eating here reminded me of that scene in Bridesmaids where they ate at an off-the-beaten-path Brazilian Steakhouse (except I didn’t get sick the day after *score*).

bridesmaids copacabana

my girl melissa mccarthy knows what’s good

Before we started on the meat feasting, they have a beautifully stocked appetizer/salad bar to whet your appetite.copacabana

I was careful to not stock up on the carbs as I wanted to save my stomach for the good stuff later on.


This is one All-You-Can-Eat style restaurant that I can endorse because the food is actually quite good. The steaks in particular were my favourite; chimichurri steak, dry rub steak, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, flank steak and top sirloin, I had it all. All the steaks were cooked to about medium rare to medium and were wonderfully succulent, nicely flavoured and tender.


an assortment of things from the salad bar and some steaks

Before coming to this dinner, I asked what was good here and a number of people responded saying that the corn bread, steaks and pineapple were good. I have to agree with 2/3 of the suggestions. Surprisingly to me, I didn’t like the pineapple as much as I thought I would. There is just something with the sugar cinnamon glaze that I didn’t like on the pineapples. Apparently, this is the Brazilian way to serve grilled pineapples and it definitely is a crowd favourite with others.

As for the corn bread, I definitely have to agree. It was light, fluffy and deliciously scrumptious. Good thing the server didn’t come around with multiple plates of that stuff, I would have totally stuffed my face (and waist) otherwise.copacabana

The other thing that my (female) friends told me to keep an eye out for were the male meat carvers. Instead of teasing you all with innuendos describing the awesome visual experience at Copacabana, I’ll just post a super creeper picture of one of the meat carvers that came by the table. Enjoy!

copacabana rodizio

oh hai!

This place is definitely a must-hit spot around the King West area. If you’re price conscious, I would recommend going here on their weekdays when dinner is only about $37. Otherwise, the weekend menu is $45 but it comes with a larger meat selection and with live entertainment.

Thoroughly enjoyable and definitely one of my top experiences in the King West area of Toronto.

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Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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