Vancouver Sunrise  Airplane FBC 2014

Flying Away from the Sunrise and Going 3 Hours back in time

I’ll tell you a secret, going to Vancouver was extremely last minute and I’ll let you know why.

Earlier in the summer when I did the Toronto Chocolate Tasting Tour with some members of Food Bloggers of Canada (you can read about the trip here), the bloggers all told me that I definitely had to go to the conference that was being held in Vancouver this year. The cost of the conference plus the inevitable ticket to fly to Vancouver definitely was a bit too much for me to spend on one weekend. Not to mention, my blog had only started to pick up and I wasn’t sure if the learning that I would get out of the conference would be worth it.

I put off the idea of going and said “perhaps next year” and then things started to roll.

A little more than a month before the conference, somebody from the FBC group offered up their local ticket at a discount because they could no longer make it. Seeing this as an opportunity, I quickly snapped up the ticket. Word got out in my community of friends and readers that I was going and I managed to get my conference ticket sponsored and my stay in Vancouver covered. If there is one thing for certain, I adore the people who support me with whatever crazy things I’m up to.

So then off I went to Raincouver!

Piquey Eater Business Cards

Had to get these printed for the occasion

I made sure to plan my flight ridiculously early in the morning to make sure that I can spend most of my first day in Vancouver exploring the city. As expected, I was welcomed to the city with copious amounts of rain, but I was prepared with two umbrellas.

The mountains and water that surrounds the downtown core is absolutely breathtaking and surreal. Definitely a nice change of scenery from the towering buildings of downtown Toronto.

Vancouver Mountains FBC 2014

This picture does not do the scenery justice. But it will have to do.

My first hit list in Vancouver was Miku (I’ve published my review of it here, TL;DR not my top pick and I had my expectations way too high). Good thing I had some creamy gelato beforehand from Bella Gelateria so officially Vancouver was off to a great start.

Miku Chirashi Tart

Miku Chirashi Tart, $21

After that, I headed over to North Vancouver to their Lonsdale Quay to check out their market for some cold cured salmon there and it was a bit dead to say the least. Even though I didn’t find any, I did find some crazy expensive garlic on sale for $15 a pound. I swear they must be magical, make me look like Heidi Klum, and cure cancer at that price.

Vancouver Garlic

Wowza, that’s expensive.

Mink Chocolate Vancouver

Oh, I managed to pick up a Mink Bar. Apparently these are famous. 

With the afternoon winding down, I went back to Yaletown where I was staying and got ready for the Gala Night to kick off the event.

By this time, I was stalking my Instagram feed of all the swag that everybody was getting and was excited to get my swag bag. Among some of the really cool trinkets to add to my kitchen, I have to say my favourites from this trip would have to be the cookbooks.

FBC 2014 Swag Bag


I’ve never really taken much care to read through a cookbook, but something amazing I found when reading Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes From a Little Neighborhood Bakery is that not only do I get to see pictures of beautifully crafted food and how to make it, but the back story to how everything came to be as well.

Would it be considered aiming for the stars if I said I’d love to publish a book one day?

Now onto the edible part of my adventure at FBC 2014, dinner was catered by Yew, lead by their Executive Chef Ned Bell.

Hilarious fellow with an excellent palette to boot.

Dinner comprised of three courses:

Four Cheese Truffled Macaroni, with a Lentil Crumble

Yew FBC 2014 Vancouver Macaroni Cheese Lentil

Yumm, mac and cheese and lentil crumble

Roasted Salmon with a warm lentil and bacon vinaigrette, Ricotta Gnocchi and Carmelized Cauliflower

Vancouver FBC 2014 Salmon Yew

Roasted Salmon, meh, way overdone but expected for a mass catering job with fish.

Red Wine Pear & Agassiz Hazelnut Financier, Salted Caramel Sauce, Toasted Canadian Wild Rice Ice Cream

Wild Rice Ice Cream Yew FBC 2014

The wild rice ice cream was AH-MAZING. Toasted and creamy.

A self-induced food coma later, I managed to muster my way back to Yaletown while lugging the ever so heavy swag bag. After meeting so many food bloggers and understanding why they blog, exploring downtown Vancouver and eating some banging food, I was more than ready to hit the hay. Not to mention I was awake for nearly 22-23 hours that day due to the time difference.

Stay tuned for my 2nd and 3rd day of my trip in Vancouver!

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater