Frankly French.

This French restaurant is incredibly down to earth and romantic without all the pretentious quirks of many French restaurants.

jules bistro spadina

For the French illiterate, the sign says “This is not a McDonald’s, Fixed Price for $24.95”

Welcome to the Fashion District of Toronto where you’ll find textiles, designers and wedding dresses galore. Just a tad south of Spadina and Queen, you’ll find this small French bistro called Jules Bistro. Thanks to a recommendation of a new foodie friend King, I had to visit this restaurant after another wine tasting at the iYellow Wine Cave.

chenin blanc iyellow wine cave

tasting a chenin blanc from South Africa

The ambiance of the restaurant is the most romantic by far of all the different restaurants I’ve been to. I think it has to do with the rustic and honest feel that you get from sitting there (the cute French waiter definitely was a plus with the ambiance as well ;)).

jules bistro spadina

With signs around the restaurant that say things like “No Working During Drinking Hours” and “Sex is encouraged in the washroom”, I’d say that this place didn’t just encapsulate everything about the casual French culture but is unapologetic about it as well.

jules bistro

alright then, don’t mind if I do

jules bistro

Between my fellow diner and I, we split the prix fixe menu of chevre chaud, saute de poulet and creme brulee and an order of grilled steak.

jules bistro chevre chaud

chevre chaud

jules bistro steak frites

steak frites, grilled flank steak served with fries and salad greens

saute de poulet

saute de poulet

creme brulee jules bistro

creme brulee

The most notable thing about the food was how beautifully done the mains were. Usually I stay from the chicken dishes at restaurants as they are often overcooked or just boring overall. This chicken dish had the tender chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms in a bacon cream sauce. The sauce was so rich, it definitely lent lots of flavour to the chicken and it was so delicious I would order this again.

The steak was perfectly grilled to medium rare and they season it with oregano. Now that is something I don’t see/taste often; beef flavoured with oregano.

The creme brulee had a slight burnt sugar topping which is a taste that I have not acquired. My ideal sugar topping has a nice toasted flavour but nothing that resembles it being under the torch for too long.

Not a big fan of their frites, but to each their own.

I checked on BlogTO whether they have covered this restaurant before and they did when it first opened in 2007. Taking a look at this picture shows that it has taken quite the redesign over the years.

jules bistro

I’m quite in love with this place and can see myself hanging out again here soon.

Until we dine again,


-The Piquey Eater

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