Having trucked my lazy self from Toronto to Vancouver, I was excited for two things, beautiful and fresh seafood and a breathtaking view.

Miku View

Queue Breathtaking View

If you didn’t catch my earlier post, I spent a weekend in Vancouver for a Food Bloggers’ Conference. Having a number of stars align and getting the green light for the trip, I immediately started planning my itinerary of restaurants to visit and markets to shop at. Mind you, I didn’t have a lot of free time outside of the conference but I made do with what I had.

After a brief visit to Bella Gelateria for some award-winning gelato, I mosied my way to Miku, one of Vancouver’s famed Aburi sushi/fusion restaurants.

amuse bouche campari tomatoes

Amuse-Bouche, Campari Tomatoes. On the House.

I’m going to cut to the chase, I am disappointed with Miku that day but I think it had to do with my expectations. Earlier this year, I went to Boston and tried some East Coast sushi and was completely blown away, the freshness of the seafood was unparalleled to anything I have ever tried in Toronto (you can read about my trip to Basho here). And during the summer I was invited to the Taste of Toronto event where I finally got the chance to try JaBistro’s Aburi torched sushi. The beautiful contrast in texture of the torched side of the fish compared to the soft and cooler side was something out of this world and definitely left me hungry for more.

Miku Kitchen

Miku Kitchen

Now combining the expectation from these two events definitely set Miku up on a pedestal for me and I expected something at least on par with the aburi sushi I have tried before. Sadly the sauce they put on their Aburi sushi just stole the flavour away from the fish and left me unimpressed.

Regardless, Miku is a stunner for visual presentation and it shows in all of their dishes. There are a couple of notes that I’d like to make in regards to the certain dishes I tried which didn’t work for me.

Miku Chirashi Tart

Miku Chirashi Tart, $21

First up was the Chirashi Tart which is a layered dish of rice, spicy tuna, avocado and Aburi salmon. The flavour combination from all of these layers are good, with the rich avocado pulling in all the flavours together. Personally, I would have liked more salmon as the flavour wasn’t as pronounced as I would have liked.

Miku Zen Vancouver

Miku Zen, 4 Seasonal Items

Miku Zen, Aburi Sushi

Miku Zen, Aburi Sushi, $28

Second, I ordered their Miku Zen, a selection of four seasonal items along with 5 pieces of Aburi sushi. What came in the box was very eye-catching, however it wasn’t so much fusion as it was a mess to me. Starting from the left, we have braised beef with mashed potatoes, tiger prawn in a beer batter, Aburi albacore tuna and a Caesar salad with boar bacon. I loved the Aburi tuna and I thought the Caesar was an interesting dish with the addition of mushrooms, but the first two stuck on my palette like a sore thumb.

A smaller mishap I was having with the sushi was that the rice was not firmly packed enough that it held together when I picked it up. Now I’m not sure if this is normal, but with the numerous sushi restaurants I’ve been to, I have never had the rice crumble on me before it got to my mouth.

Although my experience at Miku wasn’t the best, it looks like the locals love it. The place was brimming full during late lunch hours on a Friday.

A tad disappointed, but I do hear that they are planning to open a location in Toronto so I’d love to give them a second shot then.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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