I think I’ve dined at most of the hot spots along Yonge from Dundas to College now and I have to say the best one I’ve tried for overall experience would be Scaddabush at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard.


scaddabush toronto

inside the restaurant


scaddabush toronto

another shot inside the restaurant, check out the cool lighting

This Italian bar and restaurant serves up some authentic Italian classics that are absolutely amazing to eat. Normally, I don’t get to sample as many dishes as I did when I went there; luckily we had a large crowd among us so I got to sample quite a bit.

First let’s start off with their appetizers. They have a wide variety of appetizers but I would say this isn’t their strongest suit with their bread and bruschetta not being the best I’ve had. I would say that their calamari was quite good with lemon already on the calamari.


scaddabush toronto garlic bread

garlic bread

scaddabush toronto bruschetta


scaddabush toronto calamari


For their main, I tried their grilled sirloin steak cooked medium rare served with two skewers of grilled shrimp. Cooked and seasoned perfectly, the cut of steak was very tender and beefy in flavour. The shrimp was surprisingly good as well. The garlic fries on the side were a bit too salty in my opinion but the salad was fresh.


scaddabush toronto steak

grilled sirlion, served with garlic fries and arugula salad

I also got to try some of their boasted fresh pasta in their chicken parmesan and I have to say they did this dish very well. The chicken was crispy on the outside but still tender and moist on the inside. The fresh pasta is interesting as it doesn’t taste like the ones that you would get out of the package and were thicker than the normal spaghetti that you would get.

scaddabush toronto chicken parmesan

chicken parmesan


For dessert we tried three different ones, tiramisu, apple ravioli and zeppole.

The tiramisu was a bit too dense for my liking where the supposed marscapone and cream mixture came out a lot thicker than I expected.


scaddabush toronto


The apple ravioli on the other hand was quite creative and is essentially an apple pie pocket. Two pieces of puff pastry with apple compote put in between the two; served with a portion appropriate scoop of vanilla ice cream.


scaddabush toronto apple ravioli

apple ravioli

The last dessert I tried were their zeppole which are essentially Italian doughnuts. Very fluffy and it came with a chocolate dip which was a nice complement to the zeppole.

scaddabush toronto zeppole


Overall, I really liked this place and I really liked the food they served. The ambiance there is also quite nice that could function as a great place to gather with a bunch of friends or a romantic dinner for two.

If you’re by the Ryerson area downtown, I highly recommend coming to this place.

Until we dine again,


-The Piquey Eater

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