assorted sashimi, tuna, butterfish, salmon and octopus

assorted sashimi, tuna, butterfish, salmon and octopus

the piquey eater takoyaki


the piquey eater butterfish tayaki

butterfish tayaki, overcooked

To give you all an understanding of my bias for this review, I have to let you know that I normally do not like Asian AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) style places. Generally speaking, they are either okay or bad. I have yet to go to one that is good. So without giving you too much of a heart attack, you can guess I probably didn’t like Uoshiki. The gimmick of this sushi place is that they take their orders on an iPad instead of the traditional pen and paper method. The boost in technology didn’t seem to make the process of ordering any more efficient or effective in getting what we ordered on the table.

the piquey eater ipad uoshiki

ipad ordering system, doesn’t work

With that said, I think now would be a good time to list out the typical problems I have found with Sushi AYCE restaurants:

You won’t get everything you ordered

For some reason, I might order 10 items and only 7 of them will get to my table. The list of items I order usually get lost either in the kitchen or the sushi bar and you’ll probably have to order it again to get it. At Uoshiki, apparently their machine receiving their orders broke down, so the wait staff had to manually take the orders. On the plus side to this, you often get the orders made by other tables coming to yours. This can be a good thing if you’re just hungry.

the piquey eater assorted sushi

assorted sushi rolls, we didn’t order this

Seafood quality isn’t the best

The title is pretty self-explanatory; however I do understand that this has to be the case with a fixed price pay schedule. I was pretty disappointed in the raw oysters that Uoshiki were serving. My personal belief is that if you’re going to have an item on your menu, that you do the item justice and do it well. The oysters weren’t very fresh and something that probably shouldn’t be on their highlighted specials section.

the piquey eater shucked oysters

shucked oysters, weren’t the freshest ones I’ve had

Interesting Ideas, poor execution

A positive point and a negative point for Uoshiki. I credit them for having some interesting concepts for menu items of which I have never seen attempted at an AYCE. For example, they have an uni shooter with ponzu sauce. An uni shooter is basically a piece of sea urchin in some ponzu sauce, a quail egg yolk, Tobasco and a spritz of lime. You are to down the concoction into your mouth and then chew. Unfortunately the uni wasn’t the freshest, but the idea of the flavours was quite refreshing. The richness of the sea urchin (uni) and the egg yolk is cut by the ponzu sauce and lime very nicely.

the piquey eater sea urchin

yuzu uni shot, good concept poor execution

If they improved their execution of their specialty items, it would attract more foodies to this place.

the piquey eater salmon salad

yuzu salmon salad with avocado, doesn’t look the best

In general, Uoshiki is pretty gimmicky with their technology and their dish concepts don’t quite translate well onto my palate. I won’t be recommending this place for you.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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