chocolate covered strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

Am I too early for Valentine’s Day or too late?

Either way chocolate covered/dipped strawberries are amazing anytime of the year and a great Mother’s Day gift *wink wink nudge nudge*. From my post about making the massively large chocolate strawberry mousse cake, I thought I would share with you some tips to make the perfect chocolate covered strawberries to make even your local chocolatier proud.

10 Tricks for The Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    1. Use Room Temperature Strawberries: Take your strawberries out of the fridge and let them sit out for 2-3 hours. Be careful to not leave them out for too long as the strawberries will start getting soft and become too fragile to use with the melted chocolate.
    2. Use firm strawberries: This isn’t to say to use strawberries that aren’t ripe, just not the ones that have turned soft after ripening. This requires you to select your berries carefully. I would suggest buying two boxes of strawberries so you can select the best ones for dipping. The reason behind it is, the heat from the melted chocolate will cause the strawberries to macerate if they are too ripe and soft; you need a fruit that is firm enough to hold up to the heat.
    3. Leave the leaves on: This is pretty obvious as you’ve probably have been served chocolate covered strawberries before with the leaves on. Not only does this serve as great presentation, the leaves also serve as a handle when you’re dipping the chocolate by hand.
    4. Do not wash strawberries: What?? Don’t wash them? Okay no, not really. How many people would wash their fruit is to either submerge it in water or to run it through the tap. Don’t do either. Both of these washing methods kick start the decomposition in the berries. If you want to keep the chocolate covered strawberries a little longer, I suggest cleaning it gently with a damp towel.
    5. Dry Berries: Water and chocolate don’t mix well. At all. Make sure to pat them dry and there are no bruised spots on your berries.
    6. Use Dark Chocolate: This is preference but there is definitely something special about the crunch of 70% dark chocolate contrasted against the relative softness of the berry. The slight bitterness from the dark chocolate also contrasts beautifully with strawberries. I recommend insist that you try this recipe with dark chocolate for your chocolate covered strawberries.
    7. Use Double Boiler: Don’t use a microwave (duh), don’t throw your chocolate in a pan and melt it (you’ll burn it), create a simple double boiler. Check this quick video to see how it’s done.
    8. Shine or Satin? :  Now this is a preference but some people may add butter into the chocolate so that it has a shiny finish to the coating. I’m happy without having to add an extra step and instead have a smooth satin finish to the strawberries instead. Another option, which would truly be a labour of love is to temper your chocolate. Here’s an article from David Lebovitz, an author of many cook books “How to Temper Chocolate”.
    9. Take Chocolate Off Heat: Before you start dipping your strawberries, take the chocolate off the heat. If you keep the chocolate on the heat for too long, it will get so hot that it will start cooking your strawberry once dipped which isn’t something you want happening. Another tip once you take the chocolate off the heat is to work fast, there is a certain consistency that chocolate coats strawberries the best, so once you feel that its beginning to harden, place it back on the heat.
    10. Use a Stick: Now here’s how to get the perfect chocolate covered strawberries but it will require practice. Poke the stem end of the strawberry with a skewer and dip and rotate it in the chocolate. Cover 90% of the strawberry just leaving the leaves and twist up as you’re removing it from the chocolate. Make sure to shake off any excess to prevent odd chocolate lumps running down along the side. Prop up the strawberry upside down on the skewer and keep it propped up while in the fridge to cool. I would suggest getting a block of Styrofoam to make a makeshift stand for your strawberry skewers.

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-The Piquey Eater