beast restaurant storefront 96 Tecumseth St. Toronto, Ontario M6J 2H1 647.352.6000

96 Tecumseth St. Toronto, Ontario M6J 2H1 647.352.6000

Trucking myself downtown to have some decent brunch is rough on a weekend morning.

I found that most of the brunch hot spots that I want to try out are all in downtown-ish area which means I have to wake up as early as I would for normal breakfast to make it downtown for a mid-day brunch. Not to mention, these brunch spots usually have a ridiculous wait-time (no reservations allowed) to get a table so you have to drop by early unless you want to wait outside.

But my efforts were not in vain, Beast, which is located off of King and Spadina is serving up a mean brunch that is worth waking up at the crack of dawn for.

I was visiting a couple of my junior high friends or my bffl’s downtown for a much needed catch up chat and we decided that an addition to The Piquey Eater’s adventures would be the best idea.

I’ve heard about this restaurant from other foodies, the TV show You Gotta Eat Here and read a few articles about it online. All of their food is locally sourced and it is a husband and wife operation, with Scott Vivian taking the lead with the main menu and Rachelle who specializes in pastries.

Here are the different dishes that I tried at the restaurant


beast restaurant poutine Gnocchi, Duck and Cheese Curds, $10

“Poutine” with Gnocchi, Duck and Cheese Curds, $10

beast restaurant Curried Chicken Arancini, with Greek Yogurt Raita, $5

Curried Chicken Arancini, with Greek Yogurt Raita, $5

Beast Restaurant Huevos Rancheros, $13

Huevos Rancheros, $13

Beast Restaurant Challah French Toast with Duck Confit, $13

Challah French Toast with Duck Confit, $13

Beast Restaurant The Pollo Loco, $13

The Pollo Loco, $13

Beast: The Highlights

Everything was absolutely amazing. The flavours were fresh and on point. Let me start with that “poutine” they serve, the gnocchi are perfectly pan-fried to have a skin around the soft and smooth bundle of goodness. Needless to say, those gnocchi bundles topped with melted cheese curds with a shredded suck gravy was mouth-gasm worthy.

The other dish that really popped out for me was their Challah French Toast. Here you have several slices of challah bread soaked in egg and pan-fried. This is topped with a duck confit, cranberry moutarde, creme fraiche and a side of maple syrup. A perfect combination of rich, sweet, tart, and salty that I think this beats any other brunch dish that I’ve tried. When eating this dish, you have to make sure to have a bit of each component of the dish combined in one bite. HEAVENLY!

The Huevos Rancheros had a really nice touch with a big piece of crispy tortilla as a layer to the Mexican-themed dish. The Pollo Loco, which is a piece of deep fried chicken thigh in a biscuit sandwich was quite good as well. Very fluffy biscuits (personally I still like my dad’s biscuits more) and chicken that is tender but very crispy on the outside.

I definitely have a new favourite added to my list of Brunch spots but I heard that Beast during dinner service is a total different ball game and their hitting home runs there as well. So if you want to drop by here for dinner some time, do hit me up.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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