Piquey Eater Biryani House

vegetable biryani, spiced spring rolls, tandoori chicken

This restaurant is just steps away from the Wellesley Station in Toronto and is probably has one of the best deals for lunch I have ever had in downtown Toronto. For just $10, you’ll get to have your fill of a bunch of Indian classics and will be in a severe need of a nap right afterwards.

Biryani House does a A1 job at making their food and for the price they charge, it is worth taking a trip there. Their buffet line-up includes tandoori chicken, butter chicken, pakorra, vegetable biryani, mutton curry, daal makhani, spiced spring rolls (I laughed when I saw these), gulab jamun, sehro and more.

I have to say that I rarely succumb to a carb-induced coma, but their food made it worth it.

Zzz Until we dine again *yawn*,

-The Piquey Eater

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