korean fried chicken with bibb lettuce

korean fried chicken with bibb lettuce

So I found out that there’s a bar/restaurant right next to Scaddabush that has  pretty decent offering of beers to choose from. The story behind this visit was to meet with some of my peers from university before they officially walk the stage for convocation (WOOT UofT alumni!). So my goal for this dinner was to find a place with good pub food and beer to hang out at before their big day the following week. TL;DR version: Great environment to hang out in with a group of friends and pretty good food. Duke’s Refresher + Bar is hard to spot unless you’re looking for it, so just make sure to be vigilant of the storefront signs.

That day I tried their Korean fried chicken. I think there are a few places in Toronto that either have this dish or some variation of it but this was my first time trying it. Basically their method in preparation were pieces of tender breast meat deep fried and then thrown with a sauce that contained gochujang in it. I haven’t seen this done at another restaurant before but they provide bibb lettuce for you to wrap your chicken in. Usually I get iceberg lettuce which I don’t like purely for the fact that it not as pliable as I’d like and due to its high water content, tends to be messy to eat with.

I’m definitely coming back here to try some of their full dishes and bring more friends along the way.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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