yukari gravlax salmon & purple rice temari

yukari gravlax salmon & purple rice temari

sushi moriawase

seared scallop and tuna with balsamic reduction and mustard miso, appetizer

sushi moriawase, appetizer

sushi moriawase, appetizer

jumbo black tiger shrimp and summer vegetable tempura, main

jumbo black tiger shrimp and summer vegetable tempura, main

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc, dessert

A restaurant located on Eglinton Avenue West in the Forest Hill neighbourhood that specializes in Japanese cuisine and one that does not only do the stereotypical sushi.

A romantic ambiance with a relatively quiet environment so this place is great for conversing over dinner.



Salmon Gravlax with Purple Rice Temari: Lovely herb flavour which was very fragrant in contrast to the purple rice

Seared Scallop and Tuna:  A cute sampler dish where you get to choose the sequence of flavours you experience. The mustard miso along with the balsamic reduction complements the fish and the vegetables very well.

Sushi Moriwase: My favourite one from this dish would be the seared butterfish; melts in your mouth and the flavour is amazing. The second interesting piece of sushi was the black angus one which was very rich in beef flavour and went well with the sauce that accompanied it.

Black Tiger Shrimp Tempura: The vegetable tempura was interesting because it had a couple of ingredients that I have not seen in other mixes before; tomato and avocado. The shrimp on the other hand was over-battered and it was such a shame since the shrimp itself was perfectly cooked. If you notice on the bottom there are three piles of spices to use with the tempura: curry, green tea and crushed pepper with salt.

Mont Blanc: One of my favourite desserts from Summerlicious thus far. Essentially an asian-themed parfait with a layer of green tea sponge cake, banana puree, whipped cream and chestnut puree topped with tiny flakes of gold leaf and of course adorned with a Pocky. Delicious down to the last bite.

General Notes

Excellent service and knowledgeable staff, a great place to go if you’re looking for a quiet alternative that is outside of the financial district. I’d also like to note that this was one of the few restaurants that had a very active Twitter account so they would actually respond to their customers tweets within the day usually (Check out their account here: https://twitter.com/EDOToronto)

8.5/10, would definitely visit again.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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