I rarely ever post up a restaurant review within hours of dining but there is a new gem that opened up on the annex that shines bright like a diamond.

el furniture warehouse toronto piquey eater

This is definitely a restaurant I had to share with you all because it has 1, AH-MAZING food and 2, it is ridiculously affordable.

chicken soft taco el furniture warehouse

chicken soft taco

El Furniture Warehouse sounds like a very unlikely name for a place that serves up kick-ass food but lo and behold, El Furniture Warehouse is ripping up the cheap eats scene in Toronto.

el furniture warehouse

How cheap do their dishes go for? No, we’re not talking about $10 or less, we’re talking about $4.95 for each dish and they are all full sized dishes. The other diner with me couldn’t believe that this price wasn’t just promotional and had to confirm with the waitress to make sure that it was in fact $4.95.

el furniture warehouse toronto


With a lineup that took me 20 minutes to get seated, I had to find out what the buzz was about.

el furniture warehouse

Toward season restaurant line-up they built around my future and hers?

The menu features burgers, salads, big bowl dishes, and a splash of Mexican inspiration. I ordered their garlic prawns as an appetizer, roasted turkey sandwich, and a big bowl of Warehouse Crispy Mac N’ Cheese.

garlic prawns el furniture warehouse

garlic prawns

Their prawns were flavoured nicely with the garlic and jalapenos. They were served on a few pieces of fresh bread which was good accompaniment to the prawns.

roasted turkey sandwich el furniture warehouse

roasted turkey sandwich

Their roasted turkey sandwich was pretty amazing. They used a sourdough bread with cranberries inside. Although the sourdough didn’t quite have the mild sour taste as I expected, the bread was still very fresh and the cranberries were such a delight to the turkey sandwich.

mac n cheese el furniture warehouse

Warehouse Mac N’ Cheese

My absolute favourite for the night was definitely the Mac N’ Cheese. It is made with a creamy 3 cheese sauce and thyme, topped with a cripsy baked parmesan crust. Creamy, rich and heavenly, this is comfort food at its finest. This mouth-watering experience only costed me $5 which makes me seriously consider how much of a margin restaurants make with their Mac N’ Cheese dishes easily costing $15+.

el furniture warehouse

Thought being able to order food for $5 is amazing? El Furniture also works with a charity to help pay for a meal for the less fortunate.el furniture warehouse


As of publishing, they have been open for 4 days and the business there is absolutely buzzing. I can only suspect that as they get more coverage from fellow food bloggers around Toronto, they’ll be a place you’ll need to go half an hour in advance to get a table. This place also has excellent customer service and free wi-fi. I would have started writing this blog as I was in the restaurant, but I didn’t want to be rude to my other diners.

A definite must try for my readers, if not for the kindness that they show for your wallet, then go for the fresh and amazing food.

I’ll definitely be back!

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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