Special Event Coverage: iYellow Wine Club

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a wine tasting of the award-winning South African Fleur Du Cap Chardonnay. A white wine that has a strong fruity flavour and a pretty good balance between the acidity and sweetness. Check it out on LCBO

According to it’s suggested flavour pairings this works excellently with shellfish and rich poultry dishes.

After graciously receiving iYellow Wine Club’s invitation for this wine tasting, I did some research into iYellow Wine Club. I have to admit that I’m no expert in wine or the culture surrounding it, so needless to say I was delightfully surprised that there is a wine tasting club out here in Toronto.

iYellow Wine Club

iYellow WIne Club

They meet up once or twice a month to taste wines or to go to the wine country in Ontario to learn about wines.

Most of their tastings happen in their Wine Cave which is an eclectic and hip basement in the back alley lining the storefronts along Queen Street West.

Before I get started with some of the food pairings that they were serving at the event, a shout out to the environment at the cave itself as it’s definitely worth the mention. Once you manage to find the doors to the event which are ever so brilliantly painted with their name, you descend down some steps into the cave.

iYellow Doors

iYellow Doors

wine cave

stairs down to the wine cave

wine glass

they had cute wine glass markers to write our names with

On the food pairing menu that evening, they had seared scallops with puréed organic green peas and quail with polenta and a balsamic reduction.

Unfortunately, I got one of the last scallops to leave the pan which resulted in it being a bit overdone.  I did think that the peas complimented the wine well with the wine’s acidity cutting through the almost-butty richness from the peas.

seared scallops on pureéd organic peas and grilled asparagus

seared scallops on pureéd organic peas and grilled asparagus

The quail on the other hand was much better and the gamey flavour from the quail and the polenta lent itself well to the wine. The fruity tones of the wine really brought out the flavour in the quail and the lingering after-taste cuts through any of the fat from the bird.

quail with polenta, balsamic reduction and house candied lemon

quail with polenta, balsamic reduction and house candied lemon

Overall, this was definitely a hot spot for any wine lover or newbies to wine tasting to check out. Memberships to the Club are free and you can choose which events to go to. You can find out more information from their website here: http://iyellowwineclub.com/

wine glasses

wine glasses

If there are any other events around Toronto that you think I should check out, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my page.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater