fragrant bakery

fragrant bakery storefront, 3833 midland ave

This is a quickie Sunday afternoon find for me. I think I have found the best egg tarts in Toronto and they are at this dinky little bakery just south of Midland and McNicoll called Fragrant Bakery. Normally when I make egg tarts for myself like my ginger egg tarts, I use a biscuit crust to cut down on the amount of butter/oil I’ll be eating, but hey today is cheat day and I might as well go all out.

fragrant bakery walnut meringue tarts

walnut meringue tarts, not as great but interesting to look at

The crust on these egg tarts are super flakey, toasted golden brown and airy creating this melt in your mouth experience. This bakery usually has fresh ones on hand so they are wonderfully warm from the oven which creates a completely different eating experience compared to eating room temperature ones. My favourite part and one of the most important parts is how they do their egg filling.

fragrant bakery egg tarts

hong kong egg tarts

The ideal egg filling in a traditional Hong Kong style egg tart is to make sure it is light in density, not too sweet, very smooth and has a strong egg flavour to it. It’s quite difficult to get the egg mixture right and even I am still experimenting with my own recipe to get the right proportions and technique down. Fragrant bakery has all of that down pat and it’s in a lesser known Chinese plaza which makes it that much better (keeps the price low).

I bought this along with 2 walnut meringue tarts (priced at $1.00 each) for $7.40 including tax. Very well worth your money and trip to go here.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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