I’m telling you, King West is where you need to be to satisfy your taste buds.

If I could do the Italian accent, I would describe to you the deliciousness of this meal with lots of hand gestures. Luckily for you, I can’t, so that saves you from that visual and audio damage.

gusto 101

101 Portland St

After a long and grueling day tasting Chocolate around Toronto, the food bloggers came to a consensus that we had to try Gusto 101 as it was on everybody’s hit list. It’s nice to be around ladies as passionate about food as you are. Taking photos of food is no longer an oddity but a behavioural standard among food bloggers.

gusto 101 toronto king west


The one thing I noticed when entering Gusto was the bustling atmosphere it had with a huge open kitchen that you can see from the ground floor. Whenever I can watch my food being made, it makes it look that much more appetizing. Plus, watching guys work in the kitchen is a turn-on.

I tried two of their appetizers, the beef carpaccio and the Tuscan fries with tapenade aioli.

beef carpaccio gusto 101

beef carpaccio

The beef carpaccio was fresh, not the best I’ve tried but the freshness in the ingredients was definitely not lacking.

tuscan fries gusto 101

tuscan fries with tapenade aioli

Now those Tuscan fries, mmmmmmmmmm. A foodgasm was had.

Their tapenade aioli is what really makes this appetizer. A tapenade is a dish made with olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. What they did was put those ingredients in an aioli (fancy word for mayonnaise) and those go so deliciously well with those chipotle lime salted fries that they serve.

mushroom pasta gusto 101

mafalde ai funghi

For the main, I had the Mafalde ai Funghi¬†which is Italian for mushroom mafalda pasta. Mafalda is basically the lasagna noodle, but thinner. If you didn’t realize already, all pasta is essentially the same, just the shapes and sizes are the only differentiating factors.

The combination of the portobello, porcini and oyster mushrooms along with a cream sauce melded so well together that I was practically in food heaven. The noodles were cooked al dente and had a nice chew to them. My only critique is that the richness of this dish didn’t allow me to finish the portion that they gave me, had to doggy bag the thing :(.

This meal left me satisfyingly full and my tastebuds dancing in delight. I definitely would recommend this place to anybody venturing around the King West area and looking for a lovely Italian place to dine at. I also heard that their Kale Salad is to die for (I kid you not, it looked pretty amazing there).

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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