Japanese food is on the rise in Toronto.

We first saw the craze that was sushi, then ramen, then izakayas and I would say Japanese curries are seeing the next rise in popularity.

gyugyuya toronto

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Gyugyuya located near the Ryerson University campus is one of the best places I have tried with their Japanese curry. Japanese curry to me resembles the flavour profile of a Malaysian curry but with a hint of sweetness.gyugyuya toronto

Curry is a dish that first originated from Southern and Southeastern cuisines and made it’s way to Japan by the way of the British who adopted theirs from India.gyugyuya toronto

Gyugyuya specializes in this one dish only and their curry is the same one regardless of which dish you end up ordering. From the flavour profile of the curry itself, it is a beef based curry.¬†Ordering the curry on it’s own is pretty expensive at $5 for a takeaway bowl of it. Interesting tidbit, Gyu means beef in Japanese

I tried their Gyu Curry and their Tonkatsu Curry (which tends to be the popular choice) and I can say their curry is quite good. Some of the other Japanese curry places I’ve tried has too much sugar in the curry itself which offsets the flavour for me, whereas Gyugyuya has a good balance of flavours.

gyugyuya curry beef toronto

Gyu Curry, $11.99

My favourite curry is the Gyu Curry as the shredded beef works really well with the beef curry and eating it with the rice is so comforting. If I wasn’t so concerned about carbs, I would eat a bucket of this curry-rice mixture everyday.

tonkatsu curry

tonkatsu curry, $11.99

The Tonkatsu Curry on the other hand wasn’t as big of a hit with me. The fried pork cutlet was indeed crisp and not overcooked, however I don’t see how this goes with the curry at all. They work wonderfully separated, just not together. I think this is more of a cultural thing; the tonkatsu is a popular item in Japan and used in everything from sandwiches to curry. What really threw this dish off for me was the tonkatsu sauce which is a medley of sweet fruits and spices which again don’t work at all with the savoury curry.

My recommendation? Stick to the Gyu Curry or Gyu Curry with Cheese and you’ll have a wonderful experience while eating.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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