I completely forgot how great some of the smaller joints in Chinatown were in terms of food quality. Luckily my friend and I were still hungry after going to the iYellow Wine Cave and we wanted something simple and quick from Chinatown.

It’s really odd, I have passed by King’s Noodle in Chinatown for years (might even have been more than a decade) and I’ve only come to visit now.

King’s Noodle specializes in wonton noodles and rice dishes. Wonton Noodle is a classic Hong Kong dish that has become a favourite among many Torontonians. I was surprised to see that this place was full on a weekday evening as I’ve noticed that business seems to be declining in the area for over a decade now. The scene inside King’s Noodle is very different compared to the Chinese restaurants up in Scarborough and Markham in that it is rare to see anybody there that isn’t Chinese.

We tried two dishes while there, the barbecued duck and wonton in noodle soup and the spicy fried noodle with pork and shrimp (items #48 and #235 if you’re looking at their menu).

barbequed duck and wonton in noodle soup

barbecued duck and wonton in noodle soup

Their barbequed duck and wonton noodle is decent and the portions are very good for the price that they charge ($8.75). I like that they have fresh barbequed duck for sale at the store, so you know that the meat you’re getting is fresh.

spicy fried noodle with pork and shrimp

spicy fried noodle with pork and shrimp

The spicy noodle was dry (or not overly-greasy), which in Chinese stir-fry is a good quality. I personally would have liked if they used larger shrimp as the smaller ones have little to no flavour. The dish has quite a kick to it, enough that I didn’t have to add any sriracha.

If you look at their menu, the items are quite affordable and they don’t skimp on portion sizes. If you’re heading here or any classic Cantonese restaurant for the first time, just know that you better know what you’re looking to order as it’s common that the wait staff are snappy.

I’ll definitely be back here when looking for a quick bite in Chinatown.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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