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For the first time ever, I’m officially reviewing a restaurant for the second time on The Piquey Eater. Not sure if any of you noticed but I actually never reviewed the same restaurant twice (and in reality, I hardly visit the same restaurant twice). Lamesa is currently the only restaurant I have done it for because they absolutely blew my socks off the first time I tried it. A second visit was without question especially when they announced a sampler menu for the summerlicious roster.

I came in with very high expectations and eager to try their three course menu for $25. They could be the restaurant to make me change my mind on the Licious menus

Understanding that the sampler menu is meant to showcase some of the technical skills of the kitchen staff and the imagination behind the flavour profiles, I was ready with fork and spoon to dig in.

With that in mind, here were my picks from their Summerlicious menu.

halo halo sisig lamesa toronto

halo halo sisig, chicken and pork served with a fried egg and half of a calamansi

fried chicken adobo

fried chicken adobo, crispy fried chicken with pickled chayote, garlic puree, and adobo reduction served with grilled corn

ginataan sundae lamesa

ginataan sundae, ube, coconut, caramel corn and whip cream

My favourite thing out of the three was definitely the halo halo sisig. Halo halo is Filipino for a “mix” of things. This dish is made with pork, chicken and garlic served with rice and a side of calamansi. That miniature lime thing you see in the mini- skillet is called a calamansi and tastes like a cross between a lime and clementine.

How I eat this dish is letting the yolk mix in with the meat after spritzing it with the calamansi juice and combining that with the garlic fried rice. The flavour punch from the garlic and meat along with the richness from the yolk is heavenly with the garlic rice. By the way, don’t think about trying this dish carb-free, if you’re going to try Filipino food, make sure to add the rice.

The other dish I really liked was the sundae. As you can see from the image above, it’s a whole mix of random things thrown into a bowl. Surprisingly the mix of salty and sweet flavours in a sundae work really well. Eclectic I must say, but I quite enjoyed the flavours as it was definitely not like any dessert I have tried before.

The fried chicken just wasn’t hitting the spot for me that night, but I really did like the batter that they used- very crispy.

As of posting this, they still have 5 more days of Summerlicious left so if you’re wondering which place you should visit, I would head over here to give Filipino food a shot.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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