kalua pork on a bun

kalua pork on a bun


After our long arduous winter, we need some of that island spirit. Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ travels from street festival, to food fests to just about any food related event to serve up their Hawaiian favourites to the crowds. With popular Hawaiian ingredients such as taro, kalua pork, poi and spam (bet you didn’t see that one coming eh?), I can see how a vacation to Hawaii can be great for the taste buds as well.

One of their specialties is Kalua Pork on a Bun. As they say, it’s “Hawaii’s version of pulled pork”. Super tender and juicy, this is definitely not a sandwich to be eaten without a bib and generous amounts of tissue paper. It has a very nice smokey flavour and delicious down to the last morsel.

I looked up what Kalua meant and it’s actually a Hawaiian cooking method that utilizes an underground oven. I thought that was an interesting tidbit of information. I’m pretty sure these guys didn’t use one, but the pork tastes amazing regardless!

I definitely recommend scouting these guys out at their next food fest and trying out their food.

Ke Akua pu a hui hou,

-The Piquey Eater

P.S. For the people at Liko’s reading this, you guys are awesome and super nice 🙂 Love those Shaka shirts you were rocking!