Oh! Oh! Magical noodles!

lamb noodles magic noodles scarborough

lamb noodles, $6.99 (Small)

Traditional Chinese Lamian (麵). A process of preparing noodles from China that dates back to 1504 which has a noodle master pulling the dough into strands of varying thickness.

hand pulled noodles lamian magic noodles

It didn’t occur to me until now that the Japanese term “ramen” means pulled noodles as well which explains the similarity in the noodles. The major difference between the Japanese and Chinese pulled noodles is the broth. Japanese ramen is almost exclusively made from pork bones (which explains their famous tonkotsu) and the Chinese typically use either beef or mutton broth for their soups.

tofu skewer magic noodles

tofu skewer, $1.50

Anyway, this is a short post just showcasing this already popular noodle house called Magic Noodles. It’s open 24 hours, has a menu of noodle dishes that start at $6.99 and has fantastic food.

magic noodles scarborough

I tried their lamb noodles and it was absolutely delicious and the broth really made the dish. I suggest having this bowl of noodles with their chili hot sauce as it goes extremely well with the lamb. The plaza itself is already pretty busy after 6pm so I would suggest coming here either for breakfast or lunch when the lines die down.

lamb noodles magic noodle

Anyway, I’ll leave this post at that, let me know if you know any other good noodle houses around the city.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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