mille creperie kensington

mango tango crepe $5.95 and the japanese special $6.75

There’s something you have to know about me; I am ALWAYS intrigued by fusion cuisine. Why settle for one kind of dish if you can have the best of both worlds?

Millie Creperie fuses the traditional French crepes and gives it a Japanese twist. creating this beautiful handheld dessert (or main). According to their website, they serve what is called Japanese crepes which differs from the French crepes because they tend to be thinner and crispiermillie creperie kensington

A Japanese crepe is served in a handheld cone-shape that is filled with different ingredients. The most popular ones are the dessert ones with gelato, fruit and whipped cream. For those of you wondering, yes the whole entire crepe is filled, making the crepes scrumptious down to the last bite.

Millie Creperie has a wonderful assortment of gelatos (they have some Italian going on here too) from hazelnut to matcha green tea that they use for their dessert crepes.millie creperie kensington

They also serve savoury crepes that definitely show the Japanese influence with flavours such as¬†pork belly okonomiyaki. I’d have to go back and try a savoury one somebody but I went and tried their mango tango crepe that is filled with their mango gelato.

millie creperie kensington

rocking my signature dark purple manicure

Fantastic flavour and very light, this dessert is not cumbersome and it’s great for a hot summer day (not that we’ve had many in Toronto). I was disappointed in the fact that the crepe was not crisp at all. Either their batter was slightly off that day (which is wht I suspect) or their description wasn’t accurate on the site.

I do love how visually stunning the crepe is and how easy it is to hold. The layering of the strawberries is definitely a plus and could actually use some of the additional fruit toppings that they have.

They also have what is called a mille crepe cake which is made from several layers of crepes in a cake like assembly. Supposedly delicious and something I would have to bring a friend along to share it.

millie creperie

a finished parfait

A definite cute go-to spot in Kensington and something I would recommend to you when you’re in the Chinatown/Kensington market area.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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