Hello friends!

I wanted to so sincerely write a post to share what has been happening lately in regards to my blog and what I’ve been doing in my down time, and I finally have something significant to share. My Matcha Cookies are finally up for sale!

Matcha White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Recipe Menos Ippodo

My now famous Matcha cookies made with white chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts. Great flavour and so green!

In the past couple of months, I have been working on going to my first craft show and trying to sell some of the baked goods my dad and I make. I know that sounds like a very different trajectory from what I’ve been doing on this blog so far (which was eat, write and repeat), but earlier this year, I sold a few batches of cookies to Menos – which did amazingly. BTW, You should totally check them out and see their Kyoto-sourced matcha and Spanish Olive Oil. The naturally vibrant green cookies definitely caught people’s eyes and I was absolutely itching to test the market myself.

In the past month and a half I have secured spots for two shows in the Christmas season and have been busy trying to get all of the materials together.

Now you might ask, what inspired this bout of entrepreneurial energy and quite frankly I see an uptick for Asian (super)foods but for the most part are still quite foreign and unapproachable. If you have been reading my blog regularly or even stay tuned to my Instagram feed, you know (1) I am an Asian and (2) I genuinely love Asian food and learning the background behind it. I do not believe any of the trending Asian foods or flavours should be unapproachable and there should be a way to introduce it to all curious mouths.

I’ve personally tried Matcha Tea straight as the Japanese would in a tea ceremony and in all honesty, it is an acquired taste for sure. However I know, that whenever I work with the earthy, bitter flavours of a good quality matcha, that it works wonderfully in many different foods.

For the purpose of these two craft shows, my aim is to show people that different foods can be good for you and delicious.

Matcha Cookies and Other Things For Sale

My line-up for the shows will be following:

  • Matcha White Chocolate Cookies
  • Matcha Tiramisu (Malvern Craft Show Only)
  • “Instant” Premium Matcha Cake Mix
  • Beef/Vegan Kimbap
  • My Colonel’s Chicken Mix (you know with 11 different herbs and spices)
Beef Kimbap Piquey Eater

Beef Kimbap

The Trio - Instant Matcha Cake Mix, Instant Matcha Cookie Mix, Colonel's Fried Chicken Mix

The Trio – Instant Matcha Cake Mix, Instant Matcha Cookie Mix, Colonel’s Fried Chicken Mix


Here are the two shows I will be at this Holiday Season:

Christmas Craft and Vintage Market

When: Saturday November 26th, 2016. 9am – 3pm

Where: St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church
263 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2L9


Malvern Collegiate 7th Annual Other One of a Kind Craft Show and Sale

When: Saturday December 3rd, 2016

Where: Malvern Collegiate Cafeteria
55 Malvern Avenue, Toronto ON (Upper Beaches)


Anyway, this is supposed to be a super quick post (sorry for the lack of photos :S) and I really do hope you come out.

As a random note to any new vendors coming to this page, I went and bought Dream Payments to accept debit and credit payments and I hope that it all works out that day. Wouldn’t want to turn down customers because I wasn’t prepared.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater