This is going to be a longer post than my normal visits mostly because I decided to hit up a bunch of different food vendors at the Pacific Mall food court at their top level. This food court has to be one of my favourite around Toronto for the sheer number of different styles of Asian food you can find in one place, and the quality of food you can get there without breaking the bank.

takoyaki pacific mall

takoyaki box

As expected of it being a dive, the biggest drawback of eating here is that the seating is limited. If you plan to sit down and eat here, I suggest you come right at the beginning of the lunch rush (around 12pm) or right after it 2pm. Otherwise, you’ll be without a seat and have a scalding hot plate of food to eat. A scene you’ll often find in their food court are people essentially hovering over you, waiting for you to finish your meal so they can sit down.

With the lack of seating aside, the food there is pretty good for a food court and explains why the place is always brimming full during lunch. I’m going to highlight just some of my favourite places to eat, I know this list is limited and doesn’t nearly do the whole P-Mall/Market Village Area justice, but it will be a start.

love spicy very hot pacific mall

love spicy very hot

I know it’s the middle of the summer, but there is a pretty decent hot pot place that does individual servings at the food court. It has a very typical Chinglish name called “Love Spicy Very Hot” and features many of the favourite and more interesting hot pot ingredients such as quail egg, lily flowers and pig heart.

pacific mall hot pot

love spicy very hot, hot pot with fish tofu, quail egg, coriander, sweet potato noodle, fish ball, beef ball and chinese sausage

I ordered one bowl of hot pot ingredients that costed me a little over $7 which had over 7 ingredients: chinese red sausage, beef balls, fish balls, quail egg, coriander, fish tofu and sweet potato noodles. The broth has three levels of spice that you can order it in; mild, medium and spicy. I decided to go with medium since it was already a sweltering 28C outside and I didn’t want to perspire while eating as well.

I like how simple hot pot is and how the broth tastes after all the ingredients have been cooked in it. The reason why I like this place in particular rather than going to an All-You-Can-Eat place is simply because everything is portioned properly and I leave the place full with my wallet in better shape.

prairie lamb kebab storefront

prairie lamb kebab storefront

The other place that I really like at Pacific Mall is the Prairie Lamb Kebobs at the back of the food court. This booth specializes in one dish only and it’s their lamb skewers. What they did was take tender pieces of lamb (with good marbling of course) and marinate it in a spice rub that contains LOTS of cumin. They grill these skewers over their special grill until full cooked and serve them on a paper plate. The pricing for these skewers are $5 for 3 or $10 for 7.

lamb skewers pacific mall

mmm look at that juicy lamb

This one will end my post with this edition and it’s actually a fairly new one that opened up (then again, I haven’t visited in a while). It doesn’t have an English name, nor one that is phonetically translated. It is called Yu Shan Yuan in Chinese but otherwise will be known on my blog as unit C1-230.

yu shan yuan pacific mall

yu shan yuan storefront

They have two specialties at their shop, takoyaki and jianbing 煎饼 (aka Chinese Style Crêpes). The jianbing goes for $4.50 each and the takoyaki go for $5 for 5. Jianbing is a Northern Chinese breakfast item that you can easily find being sold from street vendors that is composed of different ingredients depending on the area you are in. All versions will have some form of Youtiao, green onion, coriander, a black bean sauce and most importantly, an egg.

chinese crepe pacific mall

jianbing aka chinese style crêpe

You can also, watch the video I captured of them making it there.

Their takoyaki is worth trying as well mostly because of it’s particular large size. Each takoyaki ball has quite a few octopus pieces in it, as well as cabbage pieces which give the takoyaki a very nice texture. They are priced at 5 for $5 which is very worth it due to how filling each ball is.

takoyaki pacific mall

takoyaki from yu shan yuan

takoyaki pacific mall

takoyaki, the innards. check out all the octopus pieces

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Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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