Imagine this, you’re trying to make a homemade meal for you and your special someone and that recipe you know they love requires some exotic finishing oil that you normally do not stock in your pantry. Of course, you can always pick up a full bottle of whatever it is for $30+ and whatever isn’t spent on that drizzle is left to spoil on your counter.

beurre blanc piquey eater

making of a beurre blanc sauce with sparkling white wine

Many people will just opt out of cooking altogether to avoid the hassle and waste that comes with wrangling up all the ingredients for a one time meal.

Quite a waste if you ask me, that’s why I was delighted to find that there was a company out there solving this problem for the occasional cook. Recipieces aims to make gourmet meal preparation a bit easier by delivering to you all the ingredients you need for a recipe in their exact measurement and the instructions to go along with it. With fresh handpicked ingredients delivered to your door, all you have to do is heat up your skillet and let the cooking begin.

nutmeg butter snap peas fried rice ginger recipieces

ingredients all pre-measured and handpicked for the ginger and scallion fried rice and nutmeg butter snap peas

A while ago, I got in contact with Recipieces founding partner Laura Rubio to ask her about the business and she ever so graciously offered to send a kit for me to try. I went with the seared scallops in a beurre blanc sauce as the main and two sides; ginger and scallion fried rice and nutmeg butter snap peas.

seared scallops recipieces piquey eater

ingredients for the seared scallops in a beurre blanc sauce. i like how the ingredient all have codes on them so you know which recipe each thing belongs to

The most fancy item is probably the seared scallops. Beurre blanc literally translates to “white butter” in French and is made up of cooked down shallots, unsalted butter and white wine. It’s a beautiful sauce that isn’t heavy at all even with all of that butter and coats the scallops beautifully.

I really liked how they delivered to me a mini bottle of Freixenet for me to use in the seared scallops recipe *hint* there’s enough in the bottle for the recipe and some for you 😉 All of the ingredients for your meal are conveniently stored in a cute cardboard carrying box.

freixenet cordon negro piquey eater

freixenet cordon negro brut, an adorable mini bottle of this sparkling white wine

recipieces box piquey eater

the box full of surprises

All of the other items for the recipe was already pre-measured and put into little plastic containers or plastic resealable bags. They even had a disposable ice pack to store the raw scallops in to make sure they do not spoil during the trip.

uline cold pack

In the box, they also contain the recipe cards are printed in colour for you to follow. And since they are of pretty good quality, these recipe cards are pretty easy to keep for future reference.

recipieces recipe cards

recipieces recipe cards

The cooking process itself is fairly simple, employing some of the most basic skills in the kitchen. Your knife skills might be the only thing that you’ll need to brush up to make the preparation of the ingredients a little faster.

dice shallots

finely dicing shallots

For those wondering, yes you’ll need to actually have the equipment at home. Make sure that when you’re ordering certain dishes online that you look up the different materials you’ll need in your kitchen.

seared scallops recipieces

seared scallops with a beurre blanc sauce served on a bed of salad greens

Right now the site only allows you to order doubles of any order. So if you’re planning to try this out, see if you can invite a friend over and have them help cook. I would also like to see more ethnic dishes being offered through Recipieces, therefore the notion of having exotic ingredients given to me in the exact portion would work nicely.

Other than that, my dad and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of cooking the recipes in the box without having to go out and get the ingredients ourselves.

If you want to check out what Recipieces has to offer, their website is

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

*this kit was complimentary*