I understand that this is a designated board games café and not necessarily an eatery, but just like Castle Board Games Cafe, there is something to be said about their food and entertainment value.

First of all, Roll Play Cafe has a different pricing model compared to Castle Board Games, instead of charging per hour of play where food is optional, Roll Play requires a minimum of $10 spent on food and you get to play as long as you want (as long as it doesn’t get busy).

I personally like this business model better as I usually meet my friends over dinner and wouldn’t mind playing board games while at it.

The food on the other hand has some hit and misses.

The Hawaiian pizza was quite cheesy and they made it on a thin crust which I liked.

roll play cafe hawaiian pizza

hawaiian pizza

I really liked their chicken skewers with tzatziki sauce. It was seasoned well and tender.

roll play cafe chicken skewers

chicken skewers with tzatziki sauce

Not a big fan of their baba ghanouj, which is their eggplant dip. Plain and mute in flavours, it could have used more spices. Their pita slices on the side could have been toasted as well, to make them more suitable for dipping.

roll play cafe baba ghanouj

baba ghanouj

Also, was disappointed with their Roll Play Nachos. When the item came to the table, the cheese was already crusted over the chips making it extremely hard to pull them apart.

roll play nachos

roll play nachos

Regardless of some of the less than impressive dishes, I really liked the environment here. The fact that it’s so close to Yonge and Dundas means I can get some shopping done after playing board games or do some sight-seeing downtown.

Would definitely come here again, but would probably order something from their dessert menu instead.

Until we dine again,

The Piquey Eater

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