This was one packed day!

I recently found these groupons for a brunch place in Cabbagetown called Murgatroid and I liked what their website said about all the food being locally sourced and many things made in house. I’m quickly turning into a hipster in terms of my food choices, but I appreciate good quality stuff when I go out. Sadly however, it seemed that Murgatroid missed the mark this time around. I’ll leave a more detailed post of my trip there, but essentially, everything on the menu needed a little bit of help.

Bacon on anything is magical. Bacon wrapped asparagus with spicy hollandaise. #murgatroid

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After brunch, we thought we would go on a walk since it was such a beautiful day. Luckily, last weekend was also Doors Open Toronto so there was much to see around Toronto. The first place we hit up was Riverdale Farm by the park which I haven’t visited in over 10 years since I last lived in the neighbourhood. There was recently a threat that the city would close the farm due to funding issues and I believe a donor came through with a cash donation to help keep it going for a while longer. It’s such a great place within the city to escape the urban scene for a little while and pet some of the animals there. Big plus points for the little black lambs they had there.

The other thing that is great about the Riverdale Park area is that you’ll find a wide array of people there hanging out in the park and extremely sociable. Friendly dog owners who are more than happy to let you pet their fun-loving canine friends (but please ask first), children fundraising by selling lemonade (yes that still happens), people playing softball and people bringing their own weights to do deadlifts (yes that happened). 

Riverdale Park Toronto Deadlifting

Why choose between the gym and the park? Have both!

After spending a good time moseying around the park, I found out that the old Don Jail was having their Doors Open event. When people ask, “what did you do on Saturday, Katherine?”, I think going to jail would be a great conversation starter.

I was a bad girl this weekend and landed in jail.

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They cleaned up the jail quite nicely and it actually looks quite beautiful on the inside with a beautiful skylight illuminating the centre. The building is obviously now no longer functioning as a jail house, but is now owned by Bridgepoint Health Hospital and operated mainly as a public tourist spot.

Now approaching late afternoon, we jumped on the streetcar over to Kensington market to grab a refreshing bottle of ginger beer (yes, I travel for food). I am absolutely in love with the drink from Thomas Lavers on 193 Baldwin Street. Just the perfect balance of sweetness and spice from the ginger, this is such a great beverage on a warm day.

Some ginger beer on a humid afternoon? $3.00

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Since we made it all the way there, more random adventures would entail with a drop by the famed Seven Lives Taqueria which serves up mean tacos. Now I have tried some of the cities best tacos and man, oh man, do these one really gives the others a run for their money.

Seven Lives Toronto, Home of the Gobernador. 69 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2

Seven Lives Toronto, Home of the Gobernador. 69 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2

Seven Lives Tacos Taqueria Gobernador Octopus Mahi Mahi

Let’s pray and cherish this soft bundles of joy. That Octopus is so good. $5 each

If you are ever looking for this place in the maze that is Kensington market, look no further than the one shop that will have a line-up backing outside of the restaurant on a weekend. I tried four of their tacos that day; octopus, gobernador, mahi mahi, and sword fish. O.M.G. these tacos are filled to the brim with flavour, meat and overall satisfaction. Each of these tacos go for $5 each which I thought at first was really pricey but they are quite satisfying. My recommendation is to get the Gobernador which is filled with smoked tuna, shrimp and cheese and then the octopus. The other two were amazing as well, but the gobernador and octopus stood out the most. This place is rather limited in seating so be prepared to eat while standing or to take it out to the streets to eat. Grab tissues and forks, you’ll need them.

After what seemed like an amazing food-filled day, Kensington market isn’t complete without a churro. I actually tried Pancho’s churro a year ago at a food festival last year and although I don’t like filling it with additional sauces, I love the fresh fried dough. At $1.50 each or 4 for $5, these are such a great snack. 

Churros in Kensington Market. $1.50

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Something fun for you to explore next time you’re looking to do something interesting to do in the downtown area, try walking through Kensington market and explore the many shops there. I think I’ll definitely be back shortly to shop for other random eats, so do stay tuned.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater