I’m a sucker for well dressed desserts. I heard some buzz about this relatively new (?) dessert spot on Spadina and Dundas inside the Dragon City Mall.

This is actually a relatively late post as I went here after my lacklustre dinner at R&D – read the review of their food here. With some extra room for something that actually tasted good, this seemed like the perfect place to finish off the night. The only thing I’d like to mention is that this is not a place to go if you have a party larger than 4 people. Sugar Marmalade on Dundas is very narrow and seating is very limited.

Onto the food, I tried two items from the menu, the mango pancake with vanilla ice cream and their Taiwanese Delight, which is a medley of sweet red beans, taro tapioca balls, taro, grass jelly topped with some coconut milk. I secretly love going to dessert houses as I love seeing the different styles of desserts that each place comes up with, that I’m almost always down for a sugar rush. I guess it’s not the best thing to admit on this blog as my dentist told me he does read some of the articles here. But hey, I floss and brush on the regular!

First of all, their presentation on the Mango Pancake, which is really more like a crepe wrapped around some mango and vanilla ice cream, is totally on point. Although this dessert is rather simple, the presentation really makes this a sight for sore eyes. The flavour combination of mangoes and vanilla is quite classic and something that is easy to pair. I quite liked it and found it hard to share.

Sugar Marmalade Mango Pancake

Mango Pancake

I was a bit disappointed in the difference between the photo of the Taiwanese delight and the actual dessert. Regardless, all the components were very delightful and tasty!

Sugar Marmalade Taiwanese Delight

Taiwanese Delight, Expectation vs. Reality, like really, what happened?

The prices here are quite affordable with each dessert going for about $5 each. I would definitely come here again

Until we dine again,

The Piquey Eater

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