Some of you who have been following me on Facebook (if you haven’t already liked my page, please do 😀) know that earlier this year I won a contest for a $500 gift card to Amazon hosted by Foodgawker.

At first I was like “REALLY?!? I WON?” and my mind was flurried with all the different things I could buy.

I contemplated getting a new laptop, tech toys or even camera gear, but I ended up going with tools and gadgets for my kitchen. Since I won this contest based on my food blogging activities, I thought the money would be best spent completely re-invested in The Piquey Eater.

I’m going to show you what I ended up buying and how much each of the items costed me. I haven’t used all the new gadgets yet so I can’t provide a detailed review, but I will note down some of the reasons why I chose to get that item. Please note to my international readers, that all prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

Kitchen Haul 2014, here we go!

**This blog post has affiliate links that will lead you to the products I purchased on Amazon. A portion of the sales made on Amazon will help me fund the projects that I run on The Piquey Eater.**


cuisinart ice cream maker

I’m just going to start off the post with my new favourite toy which is an ice cream machine. Seeing as summer is still at its peak, I wanted to get this machine to make some fresh, homemade ice cream. Maybe some vanilla ice cream with real vanilla pods?

KITCHENAID 7-CUP FOOD PROCESSOR (Model: KFP0711CU) $99.99 + Free Shippingkitchenaid food processor

This bad boy is a beast. This model comes with the traditional blades to grind up ingredients (family favourite is to grind up meat), but it also comes with blades designed for slicing and shredding.

PIZZACRAFT 15-in SQUARE CORDIERITE BAKING STONE (Model: PC0100) $39.99 + Free Shippingpizzacraft pizza stone

My dad loves baking things. He’s the one who contributed all the bread recipes on this blog. This baking stone basically provides a shock in temperature to the dough that allows for a beautiful crust to be formed on the bread. If you’ve ever wondered how bakeries achieve that super crusty bread especially with French baguettes or really good pizzas, it’s because they are using a stone oven.

BREVILLE IMMERSION BLENDER (Model: BREBSB510XL) $79.88 + Free Shippingbreville immersion blender BSB510XL

This is a great machine to blend up soups in the pot itself without having to pour the contents into a blender with a high chance of making a mess. The good thing about the Breville one compared to others is that its suction power is minimized so you can reach to the bottom of your pot to blend all the ingredients.

AMERICAN WEIGH SCALES ONYX SLIM DESIGN KITCHEN SCALE, SILVER $22.32 +Free Shippingamerican weigh scale silver onyx

Handy little tool to make sure that my measurements are on point. Also comes with a wall hanger, so you can easily store it in your kitchen.

KRUPS FAST TOUCH BLADE GRINDER $29.99 + Free Shippingkrups fast touch coffee spice grinder

From coffee beans to spices, this is a must in your kitchen if you want freshly ground coffee or spices. Personally I recommend getting two (one for coffee and the other for spices) as you probably will have flavours infused in the machine after prolonged use.

WILTON 12-in FEATHERWEIGHT DECORATING BAG $9.97 + Free Shippingwilton decorating bag

Bought one as an extra in the kitchen. I like the Wilton materials for baking overall, high quality and incredibly durable.

ATECO 333 14-PIECE CAKE DECORATING SET $15.60 + Free Shipping

ateco 333 14-piece piping nozzle

I saw that Ateco was offering several piping nozzles for $15 and I thought it might be a good idea to check out their products. As I previously said, I usually stick with Wilton, but apparently Ateco has been around since 1905, so I figure they must know what they’re doing.

CHEF’N LARGE SALAD SPINNER WITH ARUGULA BASKET $19.99 + Free Shippingchef'n large salad spinner

The secret of great kale/spinach chips is in your salad spinner and and how dry you can get the leaves before baking. Believe it or not, this is the first salad spinner that we’ve ever purchased.

NORPRO NATURAL CHEESE CLOTH $5.00 + Free Shipping81ZVr-hsKmL._SL1500_

Cheese cloth is one of those lesser encountered items in the kitchen but is incredibly useful for straining. Martha Stewart has some creative uses for cheesecloth that you can use too.


kitchenaid architect

Our old hand mixer is over 10 years old now and has made most of our dessert recipes in the family. After years of celebrating Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Christmas, it has finally shown signs of burnout. So I picked up this stylishly espresso coloured hand mixer to continue on the dessert legacy in the family.

MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER 16 oz BAG OF LOOSE TEA $30.00 + $5.54 shipping

matcha green tea powder

Who doesn’t love green tea? If you’ve ever wondered how to get that green tea flavour in a cupcake, you’ll need to use matcha green tea powder.

PLATE TO PIXEL: DIGITAL FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY AND STYLING $22.56 + Free Shippingplate to pixel book helen dujardin

If you ever wish to dine with the gods, you better start learning from them. People have asked me what my end goal with all this blogging is, quite frankly, I don’t know. I do like how some of the heavyweights in food blogging have made careers for themselves with something that started as a hobby. Professional bloggers wear many different hats and I’m no different. Through the school of hard knocks I have learned how to improve my food photography skills and have graduated to a DSLR (finally). What I like about this book is that it’s written by an established food blogger, Helene Dujardin you can check out her food blog here called the Tartelette.


My final bill came up to $574.79 (incl. tax and shipping fees) and with the Amazon gift card (which converted to $530.00 Canadian) I paid $44.79 which basically covered the taxes and a bit of the shipping costs.


That ends it for the kitchen gadget haul. I don’t suspect I’ll be doing this too often, but I hope that I’ll be able to chronicle more stories of my life through food more. If you would like a specific product review, I’m more than happy to provide you the comments from using the items.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater