Bold and fresh.

These are the two words that I would use to describe the flavours that you can find at Tilde Taco, a new taco joint that will be joining the vibrant food community on the Danforth by Pape Station. Tilde actually reached out to me before they did their soft opening and told me that they were going to be at the Toronto Underground Market. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it that weekend, but my friend was free and covered the event in my stead, click here to read her extensive coverage of the TUM event.

tilde tacos piquey eater

the fried bean

They finally announced their soft opening which happened earlier this week on June 25th and I had to make sure to set aside time to try out some of their tacos.

tilde taco danforth

tilde interior

Don’t be fooled by the name of the restaurant; this place does not claim be a full blown Mexican restaurant, nor does it claim to be a full fusion restaurant. Instead, the owners Guaravi and Ashwin have a more contemporary take and see the taco as a fantastic vehicle for flavour.

Once I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by courteous staff and a lovely ambiance from the restaurant. I found out that all of the paintings that are found in Tilde were actually done by one of the owners Guaravi who is also the head chef.

tilde tacos

beautiful painting of the toronto skyline

Their soft menu is a small preview of what their full menu is going to look like, but I’m definitely liking the flavour combinations already.

tilde menu soft opening

tilde soft opening menu

For their soft opening, I decided to try out their Nopale fritters, crispy fish tacos and their mole pork taco.

nopale fritters

nopale fritters

The fritters are an interesting concept because they use actual cactus aka nopales and the roasted tomato sauce tastes amazing with them. There are just a couple of kinks with the batter that as of recently they have adjusted after this review.


crispy fish taco and mole pork taco

Out of the two tacos I tried, the mole pork is quite impressive. For those who don’t know what mole is, it’s a popular Mexican sauce that contains a number of ingredients (Tilde’s currently has 21 ingredients in it). There are MANY different variations of the sauce due to the immense number of ingredients that could be used to make it, but they all can be basically broken down into these 5 categories of flavours/purposes: chiles, sour, sweet, spices and thickeners. What I liked about the mole that Tilde used with the pork was that it was very flavourful, complex and a savoury complement to the pork and mango they diced on top.

Overall, I have very high hopes that this place will continue to work on smoothing out some of the wrinkles of setting up a restaurant for the first time and refining the menu items before their grand opening. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out when they announce their grand opening.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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