Summer Melon Gazpacho

Summer Melon Gazpacho, Appetizer

Roasted Chicken Supreme, Main

Roasted Chicken Supreme, Main

Raspberry, lemon & mango soaked with chilled infused orange tea

Trio of Sorbet, Dessert

A small restaurant that belongs to the Novotel in North York Toronto. Clean crisp decor, although to me it felt a bit mismatched with the restaurant size being a bit small in my opinion.


I came here for an early dinner at around 5:30pm so the restaurant was fairly empty but it filled up quickly and the noise level rose with it, but the more the merrier right? The Summerlicious dinner menu here costs $25 and it is located at 3 Park Home Ave right at the ground level of the Novotel.


Gazpacho: What started as an interesting dish on paper turned into something that was a bit hard to get down after a couple of spoonfuls and didn’t set a good tone for the rest of the dinner. The gazpacho is made out of an interesting blend of flavours: a medley of summer melons (cantaloupe was the dominant one), ginger and mint. At first the gazpacho is refreshing but the after-taste that came from the ginger and mint quickly became unpleasant and the sweetness from the soup also became cumbersome to the palate. As one of the diners with me said “this just doesn’t end” when trying his best attempt at finishing the bowl.

Roasted Chicken: 10/10 on the execution of the chicken. I don’t think I have ever had chicken breast that tender and moist before so kudos to them for making this right. My only suggestion would be to play up the roasted root vegetables more and transform it from the bedding of the protein to the complimentary ingredient in the dish. Maybe an opt-out to a grilled salad of summer vegetables would have been better.

Sorbet Trio: The best one is mango. The other sorbet flavours were immensely shadowed by the richness that came from the mango one. It also didn’t seem like the arrangement of the flavours reflected what would happen on your tongue; the lemon sorbet on the bottom ended up tasting very bitter and sour after you get through the mango and berry sorbet from the top.

General Notes

The servers at this restaurant seemed to be new and couldn’t keep all of our orders straight. We were a party of six and the restaurant wasn’t too busy, so I wasn’t completely sure what was going on among the staff. ¬†Overall I would give this place a 7/10, decent food and somebody in the kitchen who seems to know what they are doing (less the gazpacho). The dining experience as a whole wasn’t unique enough for me to visit again; it really did feel like an auxiliary portion to the Novotel Hotel and not something you would go to unless you were staying there.

Until we dine again,

-The Piquey Eater

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