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Hi! I’m Karen 🙂

Hi Everyone! My name is Karen and I’m the new food blogger on the Piquey Eater. I’d definitely like to consider myself a “foodie”, and one of my favorite hobbies is to go restaurant hopping! Those close to me know that I really do love to eat, not in huge portions, but at a very, very high frequency. I’ll be targeting various areas in the GTA, and very often you just might find me in a dessert café around town.

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Matcha Café

Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Café Toronto Storefront 596 Bay Street | Toronto, Ontario | M5G 1M6

596 Bay Street | Toronto, Ontario | M5G 1M6

Earlier this year, the grand opening of the Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake store created lots of hype within the City of Toronto. Long lines began forming at all hours of operation, and quite frequently, it took it up to two hours to purchase one cheesecake. With the rule of only one cheesecake per person, the Japanese cheesecake store is still stirring up much curiosity and interest to date.

With their first store being a huge hit, Uncle Tetsu’s has decided to open up a new Japanese Matcha Café right next door. This store features many matcha (green tea) desserts such as soft serve, shaved ice and madeleines. Most desserts are priced under $5, so it’s affordable, but don’t expect to enjoy your desserts there. The store is more oriented towards take-out service and is insanely warm, with ovens constantly churning in store and next door.

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Matcha Café Toronto Menu 596 Bay Street | Toronto, Ontario | M5G 1M6

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Matcha Café Menu

Desserts I tried:

Matcha Soft Serve. $3.99

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Matcha Café Toronto Matcha Soft Cream 596 Bay Street | Toronto, Ontario | M5G 1M6

Matcha soft cream (in a cone or cup) | $3.99 each

Basically soft serve in a cone or cup, Uncle Tetsu offers three flavors at their store – matcha, cream or mixed. On the scorching hot day that I tried this, I chose the matcha one since I thought it would be one of the more special items off their menu. Surprisingly, their soft serve isn’t made with a lot of cream and has a relatively light matcha taste. The soft serve also isn’t very smooth and you’ll be able to catch a piece of ice every few bites. Note: You’ll need to eat this at the speed of light. With the recent hot weather we’ve been experiencing in Toronto, these soft serve ice creams just don’t fare well, so you may want to order with caution.

Matcha Red Bean Madeleine, $2.22

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Matcha Café Toronto Matcha madeleine with red bean filling 596 Bay Street | Toronto, Ontario | M5G 1M6

Matcha madeleine with red bean filling | $2.22 each

For those of you who aren’t sure what a madeleine is, it can often be described as a “small sponge cake”. I really liked how the madeleine that I tasted was still warm upon consumption and had a toasty top. The red bean filling inside the madeleine was really smooth and really complimented the matcha taste. However, just like the soft-serve ice cream, I wasn’t really impressed with how light the matcha taste really was. I would certainly prefer it to be stronger, and since I tried the honey madeleines from the store next door before, I didn’t really taste a huge difference between these two products.

Both of the desserts that I tried were good, so please don’t get me wrong. It could be perhaps that I was expecting more after hearing all about the hype that there was surrounding this café. On a side note, their 5” matcha cheesecakes are making their debut in August, so I will definitely be back again then!

This is KP with my inaugural post on The Piquey Eater.

And that’s the way the Pocky snaps,

-Karen Puk